God inspiration

The Word of God is limitless and infinite.

God Is Love

God has some blessings already set up and waiting for you. He’s already spoken to people to be good to you. He’s already lined up divine connections, people that will go out of their way to show you favor. You don’t have to try manipulate people, force the door open, convince someone to be good to you. The people God has ordained to help you, He’s already prepared their hearts.

Trust Him Always

It’s easy to go through life wearing different masks. We don’t want people to think less of us so we hide behind the mask of pride. “I don’t have any issues. I don’t need any help.” But God will not bless who you pretend to be. God blesses people who are real. Not people who are perfect, not people that don’t have issues, but people who are honest.”

Proin scelerisque

When you’re in a difficult time, the enemy will do a lot of talking. He’ll tell you, “I’ve got you surrounded, you’re never going to get well, this sickness will be the end, you’ll never break this addiction, look how long you’ve had it, you’ll never get out of debt, this struggle, this lack is your destiny.” Don’t believe those lies. The enemy thinks He has you surrounded, but what he doesn’t realize is that the Most High God has him surrounded.

Aliquam auctor varius

If you’re going to see those clouds break open, the sun burst through, you have to have this expectancy. Shake off the negativity, quit talking about what didn’t work out. Turn it around. “God, I know You’re in control of these clouds. They didn’t come to stay; they came to pass. I believe at any moment I’m going to see this unexpected sunshine.”