Church Values

  • Christ Centred

People who purpose to live as the new creation God has made us, living out of the New Covenant that is based on the finished work of the cross.

  • Commissioned

People who refuse to be seated comfortably or ‘stored’, but rather embrace "Go" at every opportunity. Living passionately to make a difference in our households, local communities and further afield, to the ends of the earth.

  • Discipled

People who purpose to walk forward from the first initial step of salvation into all that God has for us. Committed to not only reach people but also to teach people about all God has done for them. 

  • Worshipers

People who are not afraid to be passionate with their praise and intimate with worship; who love and hunger after the presence of God. 

  • Bible Believing

People who seek to understand and apply God’s unchanging Word and are resolved to never add to it nor take from it. 

  • Community

A community diverse in culture and age who place great value on ‘doing life together’ and who don’t just attend events. People committed to developing healthy relationships, believing these to be the cables that make our church strong. 

  • Spiritual

People who believe in the ministry of the Holy Spirit in this day, not just in the days of the Early Church. People who are empowered, equipped and led by the Holy Spirit in their daily lives. 

  • Relevant

People who are committed to making Jesus and His Church attractive and accessible to all, without watering down the message we carry; innovative with the packaging of ‘church’ without compromising the content. 

  • Responsive

People who are responsive to God and responsive to the needs of His people and of our community. 

  • Generous & Lovers

People who display the generosity of God. Believing the Church to be the Household of God we look to have a culture of generosity that is manifested through passionate giving, loving and serving at every opportunity. 

  • Honourable

People who place great value on giving honour to each other as we do life together. 

  • Generational

People who have a commitment to raising the next generation; who love to put the best of who we are into raising children and young people to know and serve God.